Sky-High Music - Fairy-tale concert

Staging this fabulous story by poet Anna Szabó T. that, tweaked for the current day with a fine sense, glitters with humour, is a truly super cast playing characters that may well turn out to be only too familiar figures from our classic fairy tale experiences. It's just that they behave a little bit differently: the pregnant, constantly cleaning princess and her rhyming husband, her royal father, who does nothing but dismissively wave off the crowd, and a constantly over-anxious and more than a little ceremonious witch join forces with household pets who don't deny their fairy tale nature and the unborn heirs to the throne to create a true mess of a situation. And like any good fairy tale, it also comes with a message: that we must give each other love and attention, while freeing ourselves from anxiety. Engaged to direct children's theatre all over Hungary, Dániel Halasi will be staging this out-of-the-ordinary story, in which the popular hits of the younger generation are worked into a fairy tale that is both new and old at the same time, together with a wonderful cast of actors and singers. Taking joint responsibility for the music being performed live by the nine-person band are Lóci Csorba, frontman of Lóci, and violinist Izsák Farkas. Because sometimes even a princess can be allowed to rebel...

Writer: Anna Szabó T.
Director: Dániel Halasi
Set- and costume designer: Gábor Michac

Queen Mimosa: Eszter Balla
Sleepy King: Gergő Dánielfy
Old King: Péter Gerendás
Witch: Petra Gubik
Rapper Cat: Kristóf "Színész Bob” Horváth
Hippy Dog: Bence Tasnádi
Baba: Viki Lábas
Buba: Lóci Csorba

acoustic guitar: Lóci Csorba
keyboards: Balázs Alpár
violin: Izsák Farkas
cello: Áron Farkas
saxophone: András Jász
trombone: Krisztián Csapó
bass guitar: István Megyaszay
drums: Zsolt Nagy

Start date: 
Friday, 1 July 2022 - 5:30pm