Information on discounts

All children wearing a Győrkőc Children’s Festival wristband are able to participate in all activities for FREE.

The entrance will only cost you a smile on both your face and on a picture of you.

Apart from the Festival centre there will be 4 other information centers where anyone can get a wristband. All the smiling kids and adults arriving will be expected from 10 am. We take digital photos of the happy children in exchange for the armband. All children up to 14 years will receive a Győrkőc wristband. Having the wristband means free entrance to all festival activities. Information about festival benefits is provided at these spots.

Information points:
Festival centre – Bécsikapu Square
1. Széchenyi Square
2. On the corner of Baross Street and Kazinczy Street
3. On the corner of Aradi vértanúk Street and Kazinczy Street
4. Rába double bridge - bridgehead on the side of Mihalkovics walkway

All wristbands will be signed with the parents’ name and telephone number in case they lose each other in the crowd.

During the first four Győrkőc Children’s Festival 45,000 smiling pictures were collected.