What is Győrkids Festival?
The downtown of Győr is becoming an enormous playground on the first weekend of every July, from 2 to 4 July this year, organized by Vaskakas Puppet Theatre. Győrkids Festival is the biggest free open-air children’s festival of the country, where Győrkids can participate in every programme, be it a performance or even a jumping castle, for free in return for showing a smiling photograph. On Friday, the first night of the three-day event, after the opening concerts, the mayor of the city of Győr is going to hand over the key of the city to the children at a formal ceremony, which signifies the beginning of Győrkids Games at various venues such as Széchenyi tér, Kazinczy utca, Várágyúk, Radó-sziget and Mihálkovics sétány, on Saturday and Sunday, from morning till evening.
When and where will the 15th Győrkids Festival be held?
The 15th Győrkids Festival will be organized by Vaskakas Puppet Theatre in the city centre of Győr, on 1-3 July 2022.
Is there a full-day programme on the day of the opening ceremony?
No, there isn’t. Full-day programmes take place on Saturday, from 10 am to 8 pm, and on Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.
What is the Győrkids wristband?
 The admission is free to all the festival’s programmes. You can pick up your admission wristband at the Győrkőc info points. What do we ask in return? A colorful fingerprint! Let’s create spectacular images with the fingerprints of the participants. Beside the Festival Centre (located on the Bécsi kapu square) to other info points awaits the visitors where they can pick up their wristbands (operating hours: on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am). On Friday the guests can collect their wristband from 5 pm on Dunakapu square. Info points: Festival Centre – Bécsi kapu square, Széchenyi square, Baross Gábor street. We put the children’s name and their parents’s phone numbers on the wristband, so if they get lost in the huge crowd, they can easily find their parents. 
Where and how can I get a Győrkids wristband for the festival?
Apart from the Festival Centre, 2 more information stalls with wristbands will expect the guests of the festival on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am. Kind, smiling grown-ups are looking forward to the smiling children and the smiling photographs, the entrance cards of the festival. Győrkids wristband will be given to children until the age of 14. The wristband provides free admission to all the festival games, and the additional festival discounts. Information stalls: Festival Centre - Bécsi kapu tér Széchenyi tér Baross utca - entrance On Friday, the day of the opening ceremony, wristbands can be received from as early as 5 pm at Dunakapu tér!
Can I be a volunteer at the 15th Győrkids Festival?
Of course, volunteers are warm-heartedly welcome this year too by Helga Horváth and the team of Vaskakas Puppet Theatre. Register at horvath.helga77@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) or vaskakas@vaskakas.hu.
Can I sell my products at the 15th Győrkids Festival?
We are expecting at the applications for the 14th Győrkids Festival at the following e-mail address: tothklari@vaskakas.hu until 31 January 2022. Please attach a photograph of the products.
I am in the catering sector, can I apply for the 15th Győrkids Festival?
We are expecting at the applications for the 15th Győrkids Festival at the following e-mail address: gyorkoc@gmail.com until 31 March 2022. Please attach a photograph of the stall and the products.
Are there any parking opportunities during the festival?
See further information on parking opportunities in Győr here